Upcoming episode: Shortcuts!

We’re planning an episode soon about Shortcuts, what questions do you have? Anything you’d like to share?


Wouldn’t it make sense to wait until the OS and app are out of beta?

Most people don’t have the full Shortcuts experience right now.


I’m still on the list to get into the beta. But once I get in I want to use it right away. I have a bunch of Workflows (several from you!) that I’d like to test out. Will my workflows just automatically import and be usable like before or is there an import process? Is there anything I can do to prepare for when I have shortcuts?

I have the beta. It is intrinsically linked to Workflow. It renamed my Workflow folder (even though I still have the Workflow app) but retained the Workflow icon. When you open Shortcuts for the first time it will populate based on your Workflow workflows.

Expand and take a closer look

However they will not all be usable. There are differences and I would hope that would be the sort of thing the episode might cover - I just think it should be planned in for say just before the public release.

There isn’t any preparation to do. I suppose you could maybe clearing out any old Workflow workflows you don’t want to automatically come across, jot down ideas for new Shortcuts, researching the app and its features, etc.

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I love being able to ping an iOS device via find my iPhone with it. So much faster than the find my iPhone app

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Maybe you can interview an developer about the challenges / difficulties to integrate Shortcuts app / Shortcuts Siri (voice only) into there app? So this beta-Shortcuts show will offer more background informations.

A later show (after the release of iOS 12) will show us the new things we can do as users?

I’ve heard a few features, like IFTTT and Dropbox integration, are no longer available in Shortcuts. Will we be able to recreate that functionality? Maybe by connecting to APIs?

Since Siri has a Shazam feature built in, would it be possible to create a shortcut that identifies a song and adds it to a specific playlist in Apple Music? I would love that.

Take a look at this thread.

@matthewcassinelli did support for Workflow and has some great insight into some of the differences.

I suspect many APIs will continue to be inaccessible due to the authorisation requirements and what the Shortcuts app will allow (as per Workflow) to interact with them.

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One more thing: is there a way to use Shortcuts (or Workflow for that matter!) to turn off wi-fi when I go to work, an turn it back on when I arrive home?

Not without you choosing to trigger it, no.

You could use geofencing to prompt you via reminders, Launch Center Pro, etc. or a timed reminder to trigger the request, but Workflow definitely doesn’t auto run in the background and whilst I’m not as sure, I’ve not seen anything for enabling Shortcuts to do this either.

Does Workflow remain functional once Shortcuts is installed?

Right now, yes. Of course things may change in the future.

Can Shortcuts work without the shortcut workflow code in the background?

Ok can run shortcuts without switching to the app if there are no user interactions required.

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