"Until I leave" outside Do Not Disturb. Is it possible?

Hi everybody. This is my first appearance in this forum. I was trying to create a shortcut automation based on an existing one called “DND until I leave”. What I wanted to do was to create an action that keeps the phone silent until I leave the meeting/current location. I don’t want to use the Do Not Disturb function because I want to be able to detect if someone is calling via the phone vibration and the DND mode does not allow you to do that because it simply does not allow any calls to go through.

I cannot see any way to insert the condition “Until I leave” separately from the DND functionality, though. Is that even possible? If so, how would one do this?

Thanks in advance for your help.


make an automation for “leave location” in shortcuts.

put a “turn off dnd” action inside.

When you enter location, turn DND on.
it will auto-turn off when you leave.

Given the OP explicitly doesn’t want DND because they want calls just without the ringer, would it not be better to have automations that set the volume levels instead based on entering and leaving a location?

  1. Don’t calls override volume levels?
  2. if the same person calls twice, the call breaks through DND.

I’d not tried the volume settings for this use case of the phone (I don’t get many actual phone calls these days), but a I’ve just given it a try and the Shortcuts’ volume settings unfortunately don’t seem to set the volume level for anything other than media and maybe in call volume. It doesn’t affect the ringer level. I don’t see anything in the usual add on apps or Scriptable either.

DND will let multiple calls through within three minutes of that option is enabled, but given the explicit exclusion of DND as an option, first call seems to be important to include.

It isn’t looking like there’s anything that quite fits the bill in terms of total automation. Maybe just a notification to toggle in or out of vibrate mode for calling is an acceptable assist?

yeah. I’ve tried my best on this one but it doesn’t look like there’s any other options.

I’ll file feedback for this on the iOS 14 beta and hopefully they’ll add a shortcut action to adjust ringer.

Thanks to everybody who responded.

DND has a setting that allows immediate second calls to go through but that is optional. You can set it so that no calls at all get through.

I don’t want DND, though, because I want to be able to see whether there are actually incoming calls. There’s been times when I was in a meeting but a member of my family was sick and I wanted to be able to decide whether a call was important enough for me to go out of the room and answer it.

The reason I wanted to use the “Until I leave” option is that many times I have forgotten to turn the volume up when the meeting finishes and I’ve been a lot of hours getting calls I wasn’t able to hear. That is very frustrating.

When I saw the 'DND until I Leave" shortcut I thought that was the solution to my problems but then I realized that meant no calls were allowed to go through, I was a bit disappointed and tried to create an alternative automation to do what I described.

It would be useful for me (and I imagine probably for other people as well) to have the phone set to only vibrate for the duration of the meeting and have it automatically go back to normal when you walked out of the room.


I’m with the original poster on this one. Would like calls/texts to come through on vibrate until I leave a location.