Unlocking RFID with iPhone XS

I have an iPhone XS max and I am curious if the following is possible:

I would like to unlock an RFID enabled gun case with my iPhone. Is this something that I can do? The case allows you to program new RFID tags to be able to unlock it, so I wasn’t sure if this is something that I can do now that the XS has NFC capabilities. If this is possible, would I need a particular app for it?

Since this is still newer technology, I can’t find very many self-help articles on doing something like this.

I don’t think so. The NFC functionality available to apps is read only currently as far as I know, plus whilst RFID and NFC have an overlap they aren’t quite the same,

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Does the phone even have any RFID capability?

Thanks for the explanation on the difference. I haven’t run into any yet, but has anyone used their phone to get into a hotel room yet? I had heard about this and was thinking it would be similar functionality as a lock box, but not sure on the process of using it with hotel doors yet.

I have, but it used Bluetooth, which makes sense as it is more widely available on lower end devices.