Ulysses to Google Docs

I am starting to write for someone that requires Google Docs. He has tons of processes and automation around this, so I cannot really ask him to change for me. I am not writing in Google Docs, however; I like markdown and I use Ulysses to do this (until Visual Studio Code comes to iOS/iPadOS). Has anyone found an easy way to export to Google Docs? I don’t know if I am just not choosing the correct export format, but in the share sheet I never see Google Docs. I tried exporting to HTML and just copy/paste, but that actually pasted the source code rather than the formatted text.

If you export as DOCX in Ulysses to Google Drive, I would expect it to then be available in a format Google Docs can read from Google Drive.

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Well, it definitely works to get the document into Google Drive and it looks exactly how I would expect it. The only issue I have now, is that I need to save it to a shared document. It seems to only copy the text and not the formatting. I may end up trying a the Google Docs > Google Docs part from my PC.

Well that actually seemed to be a requirement in what you originally posted. If someone else is to work on the Google Doc, it needs go be shared.

Check the DOC(X) file you are producing from the export. Google Docs reads in Word document formatting automatically when it opens the file. If the document has not been exported correctly, then that would explain the source of the formatting issue. I think it unlikely that Ulysses is incorporating Word formatting that Google Docs can’t cope with.

I don’t use Ulysses myself, but from the app store feature list it does indicate the functionality is included.

Google Docs to Google Docs? :exploding_head:

Not a Ulysses answer, but this Workflow should work:

  • Export as .html
  • Don’t copy and paste the .html
  • In Google Docs: File > Open > Import (tab). Choose .html document
  • Voilá. In my experiment environment headings and tables were preserved.

My workflow for Markdown > Google Docs (One way only) is:
BBedit > Marked 2 > Export HTML > Import to Google Docs.

For other people looking for a solution, my test with Markdown > .docx > Google Docs munged important formatting (e.g. no tables).


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Just to update, the platform I am writing switched away from Google Docs. The new platform supports Markdown, so all is well. Thanks for the suggestions.

Just created an account simply to say thanks for this tip, Tom! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: