UITableCell vertical alignment and loading web view in background


I’m pretty new to scriptable so apologies if these are known questions. I’m wondering about the following:

  • I’m attempting to display a longer description in UITable text. It does not appear that the row height will automatically changed based on the length of the text. Is this possible? I’ve resorted to modifying the row height, but that’s tough to get perfectly and the text seems to vertically align at center rather than top. Is there a way to change this?
  • I’m loading up a WebView for the audio on a specific web page, but optimally this web page plays audio in the background rather than cover active screen are. Is this possible? Even better would be if it can load up the view as hidden with a button/tab of some sort that allows the user to view it if necessary.


Okay I’m completely new to Scriptable but I have programming experience. I’m not sure if there’s a way to scroll the text instead of indenting a line where u don’t want to. If you could horizontally scroll the text as a live feed then you can make it look better in my opinion.

I hope my newb response helps a little :v: