UberEats integrations

Hey automators! I was hoping to find a way of integrating with either Uber or UberEats. Particularly to discover when I have an order “in progress”. Knowing this would allow all sorts of useful automations (or at least being able to turn on the porch light)

It looks like this used to be possible with IFTTT but it looks like this no longer works. Has anyone got a solution?

Doesn’t look like Make.com (formerly Integromat) has an Uber Eats integration either, though it does have Uber, and it looks like you can track a ride to some degree, though I didn’t look how closely. Maybe it counts an Uber Eats delivery as a ride? Log shot.

I checked Zapier’s public integrations and didn’t see anything for Uber at all. But I don’t use Zapier so not sure about that.

Can you check Uber Eats status on the web? If so, then any of these services might work with a webhook.

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