Twitter to Telegram

Hey, I’m looking for an alternative way from IFTTT and Integromat to get the latest tweets from twitter to Telegram.

IFTTT doesn’t quite show the output that i need and Integromat is too costly to have it updated quicker than 15 minutes.

Is there a way to build it manually using a Linux docker etc?

When you say latest tweets, presumably this is filtered in some way. Just yours? A specific list?

If you don’t want to use existing web services you could presumably build something yourself. Both services offer APIs, so you could put something together to bridge the two services.

If you’re comfortable with Linux, cron and Python are probably a good way to go. Just be aware of Twitter’s increasingly stringent limitations on API calls.

Hope that helps.


I’m looking at tweets from particular Twitter accounts.

I don’t mind using existing services but wondered if there’s something already written that can be self hosted etc.

I’m more than comfortable with Linux as I’m a sys admin but not so much with Python.

Thanks for your help.

This seems to do the job. I’ll check it out tonight and report my findings :slight_smile:

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