Turn on outside light at night for a set time period when the garage door opens

So I have an automation set up so that when my Ring doorbell detects motion and it’s nighttime, my outside light will turn on for 15 mins. This is a specific ability that comes from linking my Ring doorbell and the Lutron app.

I’d like to do a similar automation but use the opening of my garage door. I can see how I can trigger turning on the light based on the door opening but not how to then switch it off after 15 mins.

Both my outside light and my garage door are within my Home app (my light through native Lutron HomeKit support and my garage door via MyQ and HOOBS).

Maybe create a dummy (no-restriction) “GarageLightOn” focus mode and enable it until Current Date plus 15 minutes? You could then use that focus mode turning off as a trigger for an automation to turn the garage light off.

OK, just realized that when walking through the steps to add the automation it defaulted to turning the light off. But when I changed that to turn it on, then an option appeared to turn it off after a length of time. So in short the option is there, so user error……