Turn off Philips Hue when connecting to charger after a time

Hey everyone.

I am just wondering if it is possible to make a Siri Shortcut that turns off lights in my house when I connect my phone to a charger after 10pm?

Any help would be amazing.


This is not that hard:

  1. Create a personal automation that is triggered when you connect phone to charger.
  2. The action would then check the time and if it’s after 10pm, to turn off the lights.

Now mind you, this will cause the action to run every time you connect your phone to a charger after 10 pm. If you want to add rate limiting (e.g. once per day after 10pm or once every 25 minutes after 10pm), you will either have to add more to your shortcut or use a tool like my MFC Deck iOS app which offers support for running shortcuts on a schedule.

That’s great thank you.

So at what time will this shortcut stop working? Say for example I go to bed at 1am will the short cut run? And if I plug in my phone at say 11 am will it still run the shortcut?

I just plugged in at 12:05am and the shortcut ran.

Also can you run automations from MFC Deck? I can see how to run pre set up shortcuts but not automations?

Automations can run cards/decks in MFC Deck. There’s also the Trigger Server, which you can turn on and have MFC Deck do stuff over time (i.e. run a shortcut every minute, or every hour). MFC Deck needs to be in the foreground, and it will run the shortcut, and return back to MFC Deck to wait for the next shortcut to run.