Turn off hotspot

Is there any way to disable the hotspot feature on iPhone from shortcuts?

As far as I am aware, no there is not. The nearest that you can get is to open the page from a shortcut and then flipping the switch manually. From MacStories, the url is:


I’ve seen that, and considered this as an option.

The problem is I have about 75000 users of Zoom in an environment that’s not really suited for all day video conferencing: their homes.

So, what happens? They turn off their Wifi an rely on 4G and unfortunately also their hotspots for the remainder of the day.
This is a huge cost to the organisation, and so we need to help them do the right thing.

We’re teaching them to set up shortcuts to start wifi and have those triggered via automation every 2 hours or so, but the hotspot issue remains. I hoped adding an option in that direction to a shortcut would be minimal friction, but could save us a lot of money.

Adding manual actions will lead to users disabling their automation, and then we would be back at square 1