Trying to find extension cables and connectors for Meross LED strips

Hi folks!

Has anyone here found extension cables or connectors that would let you connect a Meross LED strip that you’ve cut to size? I’m hoping to avoid soldering and use premade connectors as much as possible (it’s just easier).

I want to add some Meross LED strips to my desk and it would look much, much better if I snipped the strips into sections and then connected them with space between (imagine wanting to connect 3 strips on a shelving unit - it’ll look cleanest if the strips are all cut to the same length and the connector cables hidden on the risers between the shelves). I’m hoping some of you have found some generic connectors that work well for you.

I’d like to be able to have my desk shelves lit and it’d be great if they were all on the same controller/power. I’d like to do some automation having the lights on before I get to my desk every day and maybe change colors when it’s time to start shutting down for the day. And, of course, shut themselves off later in the day.


You should be able to find what you need with “4 pin led strip connector” at your favourite online shopping service.