Trying to Add rows to an uploaded file with Zapier

I’m trying to set up an automation using Zapier, and I’m running into a bit of a road block.

Here’s a basic summary of what I’m trying to do:

  1. An Excel file lands into a OneDrive folder.
  2. Zapier sees the file and appends about 10 rows of data at the end of that file. (The 10 rows of data do not change (or rarely do).)
  3. The edited file is then uploaded to an SFTP server.

Here’s where I’m struggling:
I can’t seem to get Zapier to edit the file that was just uploaded. It can see it, and it can trigger the Zap based off of that file. But the “edit Excel file” action seems to really want to edit some existing file, not the one that was just uploaded. I think that’s pretty much the issue, as I seem to be able to do all of the other steps just fine.

Does anyone have any ideas? Or is this better in the Zapier community? I thought I would ask here first since the Automators crew are the best!

Just hypothetical and not tested anywhere near Zapier, but could you approach it like this?

  1. Read the data from the trigger Excel file
  2. Write the data to an existing (known) ‘template’ Excel file that you have in place for just this purpose.
  3. Copy the template Excel file to the SFTP server.
  4. Restore the template Excel file to its original state (e.g. copy from backup or modify directly.
  5. Remove/archive the triggering file?

Oh I see…opposite of what I was trying. I’ll try that! Thank you!