Troubleshooting get my location data into Day One with Shortcuts

A while back I had a Shortcut that would create a journal entry for me in Day One.

I have been using a “Create entry with Text” action from Day One and also used a Shortcut I borrowed from Rosemary Orchard to get my location based on whether I was connected to my home Wi-Fi. Rosemary’s genius with her Shortcut allowed finding my location to be much faster when connected to home Wi-Fi and also allowed the entry in Day One to be accurate as Apple’s location services places me at my neighbour’s house.

At some point the “Location” field within the “Create Entry with Text” action changed from a text field to a “Choose” field…so I can’t use Rosemary’s shortcut anymore.

Has anyone managed to find a way to use a Variable within this Day One action?

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So - I have a kind of workaround for this. In the absence of a variable I test the wifi I am on and if it is my home wifi I create the entry with my home as the location otherwise I create the entry with the “current location”

Not quite as clean but it works ok

I am not sure if it was an iOS update or DayOne update, but when I create entries via Shortcuts, the local is automatically populated in the DayOne entry…