Trouble getting iPhone to read NFC Tags?

Using 12 Pro Max. I got some NCF stickers from Amazon a year ago. At one point I had one in the car, when I scanned it, Shortcuts would automatically send a message to my wife that I was leaving work.

So I grabbed another tag, and the NFC Tools iOS app. I wrote a new record with the app to the tag for our guest WiFi access. I can read the tag’s data with NFC Tools and see the data.

I was hoping that if I then scanned the tag w my phone it would either join the WiFi network, or prompt me to. But neither is happening. As another test I then wrote a record to the card with a URL to visit. But no luck scanning that either.

Any ideas? I assume I’m missing a step? Thanks in advance!

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Ideas, some, but mainly just questions to begin with…

  1. Can you still read both of the tags that you have set-up with the NFC Tools app?
  2. Can you still read both of the tags that you have set-up with any other NFC apps?
  3. Did you write the URL as a text payload or a URI payload? A screenshot would help in confirming.
  4. Did you write the WiFi data as a text payload or a WiFi Configuration payload? Again, a screenshot would help in confirming.
  5. What type/model of NFC tag are you using?
  6. You original send a message app - any chance you were just using Shortcuts to trigger based on ID (no payload), or was this perhaps back when Launch centre Pro was the only option and you encoded their special universal URL for that?

I’m thinking along the lines that this will hopefully give some insight into, if the tags are still functioning, if they are in any way tied to the app you used to write the tags, if you have written the data in the correct format to be actionable, if you are using tags that are known to be compatible with this particular app, and how your previous use may have been flawless.

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Thanks for responding! First error, I was in Airplane Mode. Once I disabled that, the tag that takes me to a URL works. One interesting thing, Airplane Mode does not prevent the NFC Tools app from reading or writing an NFC tag.

Still no luck w the WiFi tag, not sure if I have the wrong record type or something similar.

Here’s a screenshot of what I read from the NFC Tools app on that tag.

Airplane mode affects bluetooth and wifi. NFC is by definition very short range and so isn’t required to be filtered in the same way.

Okay. The WiFi tag record is there, so next thing is to double check you don’t have the connection details for this wifi network already defined. When you manually select to join the network are you getting a prompt to enter a password?

If you are, you will need to instruct your phone to forget the network. Then retry joining to ensure you get a prompt, then cancel it. Next use the NFC tag to load the wifi configuration into your device and try to connect to the wifi again.This time you should not get a prompt.

From the looks of it you are having guests use a guest network, so you will likely auto connect to your regular non-guest network. But a guest wouldn’t have that, so once they get the configuration info, the only network they will have access to is the first one. Then if they have the notify or ask option set for Ask to join networks they should be able to auto join the guest network. Otherwise they would need to join manually, but should not be prompted for the password.

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Thanks again! I don’t have the network already connected or authenticated, so it doesn’t look like it’s that. I’ll tinker some more. Thanks though, you def helped me rule a lot of stuff out.

… and you are not connected to any other wifi networks…

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I have the same problem, I can read and write the tag just fine within NFC Tools, but I can’t get et to trigger automatically.
I can also read the tag and connect using another app called “NFC Reader”.

According to this thread, iOS does not have support for application/vnd.wfa.wsc yet.

Update: I have submitted FB8949668 to Apple asking them to implement it in the same way QR codes with WiFi settings work.

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And now looking at this, I wonder how they made it work. But if you look closely, it only works on Android, you need to scan the QR code for older iPhones? Looking closer, the vid shows an iPhone just tapping though? I’m confused. :slight_smile:

Wifi Porter uses configuration profiles to deliver the network details to iPhones doesn’t it?

The text on Wifi porters website says: “Flip block and scan with iPhone camera”.

So no secret magic there.

Found the article I’d read covering the use of configuration profiles for the later model iPhones, so that they don’t require a QR code. No idea how it works out as “easier” than the QR code though.

Hi sylumer,

I am interested in using iphones to connect to a wifi network with the tap of an NFC tag. Did you manage to find out how Wifi Porter do it with an Apple COnfigurator 2 profile file?



I’m afraid not.

I don’t use it and have no need for it. I was simply trying to help answer the question.

You could always contact the makers of WiFi Porter for clarification.