Triggering an Alexa routine from a shortcut automation?

We live in a blended (HomeKit/Alexa) household. I have some Aqara mini switches which, despite what Aqara says, don’t seem to appear in Alexa. They show up fine in HomeKit, however, and I have them successfully triggering actions with lights, Kasa outlets and Levoit air filters (the latter via Homebridge).

What I’d like to do is use a switch to trigger an Alexa routine (“Alexa, play WFMU from TuneIn on the Everywhere group”). I can’t find a clear way to do this using HomeKit or Homebridge. Has anyone found a way to trigger Alexa routines via a shortcut automation?

You might be able to do this with Home Assistant. There’s an Alexa custom component that can send commands to an Echo. This is also assuming you can get the Aqara switches to show up in Home Assistant.

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There is an Alexa skill that allows you trigger an Alexa routine via Webhook or through IFTT (either of which could be run by shortcuts). The webpage for the skill is mkZense. I have a couple set up and it works great.

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Dont know if this helps but i wanted a way for my pir sensors around my house to trigger alexa routines that will tell me when there is movement around the house.

Couldnt find anything so i created my own api and alexa skill for this. I set it up in a way for anyone register and use the service. After signing up you get a couple of virtual buttons which can be called via a unuiqe url. Once you access the url it triggers the button which shows up in your alexa app.

You can use almost anything that has the capabiloty to visit a url, microcontrollers, webhooks ect ect.

So maybe via home asistant you can use a webhook or something if the manufacturer’s service does not work.