Trigger when button is pressed

I am trying to intercept a Maps Universal URL from a particular app. How to I set up a trap to wait for a button to be pressed?

Universal URLs are registered with the OS. To override it, you would have to override it at the OS level, and I don’t think Apple would allow your app to do that sort of thing. Kind of goes against existing security good practices on i*OS.

Could you describe this in more detail, or with more context? Chances are it still won’t affect the security issue in the first part, but you never know.

Perhaps we just need to understand the while scenario in order to be able to make suggestions?

When I tap the “Go” button, the app generates an Apple Maps URL. I want to intercept that URL. I need Shortcuts to wait until the “Go” button is tapped before it does anything.

Okay, inless you develop whatever app it is you screenshot’d and can change it’s behaviour there, I don’t see an option for you on this. There isn’t anything outside the OS that can monitor taps within an app. Shortcuts is also not designed to do anything like this - it can’t run in the background passively monitoring user interactions to intercept them. It’s very much based around you as the user choosing to explicitly activate it to do something specific with data you are giving it or the app has been designed to pass to Shortcuts.