Trigger Siri on buttonless iOS devices from Type2Phone keyboard!


I’ve been looking for ways to trigger Siri on home buttonless devices from a bluetooth keyboard. Holding down a “home” key on a keyboard triggers Siri when the devices has a home button, but not for the new iPad Pros or iPhone X/XS models.

However, I’ve figured out that holding down a lock screen key does trigger Siri, since Siri is now mapped onto the sleep button. I don’t have a keyboard with a lock screen key, but using the excellent Type2Phone I’ve managed to make an applescript that will trigger Siri on my iOS device! The Applescript is below, which I map to a keystroke using Keyboard Maestro. Hope this helps someone!

tell application "Type2Phone"
	sendKeyCode 0 consumerKey 48 keyDown yes keyUp no
	delay 2
	sendKeyCode 0 consumerKey 48 keyDown no keyUp yes
end tell
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I’m not sure I want to invoke Siri. However I like the idea of Type2Phone - even though there is much I can type to on iOS that I can’t do on Mac. (Drafts actions is the one that comes to mind.)