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Hi, First time post but loooong time listener of Automators and MPU! Thanks for all the work you guys do at

I am looking to trigger a shortcut on my iphone (ios 14.2) from OSX (currently Catlina, but soon to be Big Sur). Ideally from Keyboard Maestro.

Is this possible in any way?


You can trigger a notification on your phone using Pushcut from your Mac, but I’m not aware of a way to trigger a shortcut. Keen to follow this thread in case I’m wrong though!

What exactly are you trying to achieve?


There are a few ways I would find this useful, but initial use case is that I am using the iOS app Streaks and I would like to trigger this based on work I am doing on my Mac (for example when I have started my Morning Pages in Bear.)

I am launching this Morning Pages Bear Template from Keyboard Maestro following David Sparks great insight into contextual use of this app and would now like to trigger the Streaks action from this also KM macro also.

Hope this makes sense.

@Nick_Wild you can use the Pushcut API integration in the Keyboard Maestro macro to either display a message on iOS and tab to execute the Siri shortcut, or use the Pushcut Automation Server to execute the Siri shortcut directly.

In the tweets you can find a video about

Siri Shortcut via Notification:

Siri shortcut via the Automation Server:

There is also the possibility to use a KM plugin for the Pushover app (cheaper) to execute a Siri shortcut via a tab on the iOS notification.


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This looks great thanks for the advice @alexxander!

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From my own sad experience: Using for DnD discovery will break on Big Sur.

Yep @tkaufmann, unfortunately some things don’t work anymore under Big Sur. It took me a while to at least be able to edit the notifications with a shortcut again.

This looks promising, just didn’t find time to create a solution based on it: