Trigger script or IFTTT from bluetooth beacon

Anyone aware of a way to trigger a Shortcut or IFTTT or ??? via a bluetooth beacon? Ideally I could set the RSSI and time needed to see the beacon before the trigger happens.

If not, I may take a stab at writing an app, but first want to be “lazy” and see if it already exists.

Pushcut can trigger a Shortcut via a bluetooth beacon. It allows for a user-specified time to be allocated before the trigger runs.

Just a a point of clarity, Pushcut supports iBeacon. This is type of Bluetooth-based beacon, but other types do exist, the most common probably being Eddystone beacons.

The differences are generally in the information they share in their transmission payload, and that is what is used to identify them uniquely for example. But the key point is the format and content varies between types.

I don’t think I’ve seen any trigger apps support anything but iBeacon so far. But there are plenty of active scanner apps that accept a broad input.

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