Trigger Keyboard Maestro from Microsoft Power Automate

I’m trying to automate a keyboard maestro macro based on an event in my outlook calendar. This event doesn’t occur at the same time every day, but always has the same unique title in my calendar.

I have the Macro created in KM, and I have a power automate flow that reads my upcoming events (with a time of 0 to trigger at the start). But I can’t figure out how to call the Remote Web Trigger to trigger the KM Macro.

Any tips or different approaches you think I should take?


Can you invoke a URL? If so Public Web Trigger might be the way to go. (I just did it in Python on a touch-screen Raspberry Pi. Part of what is here is directly relevant.)

I’m not saying “do it in Python”, mind; More that the URL approach could be very fruitful.

Let us know how you get on.

That’s exactly what I couldn’t find on the Microsoft side, and after posting I found it. And unfortunately that feature is behind a (very expensive) paywall. So back to the drawing board on this one.

Happy to hear some “do it in Python” examples. I have some background in coding/servers, but am no means proficient.

Another option is to write a file to specific folder Dropbox (or One Cloud, Google Drive, etc) and then use Keyboard Maestro’s Folder Trigger to monitor for new files in that folder. I’ve used that approach successfully with IFTTT and Hazel to trigger scripts.

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Oh that sounds like a good option. Maybe I’ll dig into that next week! Thanks.