Trigger focus modes via calendar events

Is there a way to trigger a focus mode with calendar events?

Would be way more precise in my workflow and i would assume for a bunch of people during the pandemic.

I have a mac running at all times if that helps but i‘m surprised iOS can‘t do this natively.

iOS can’t detect when a calendar event starts. There are two solutions I’ve been using:

  • Share my calendars with Google calendar, use IFTTT to watch for the start of events, and then have it ping a Pushcut server to change the focus mode.
  • Run a shortcut and have it schedule tasks with Pushcut’s automation server to change the focus mode.

Both of them require an always running iPhone/iPod touch/iPad mini with Pushcut Automation Server taking over, but they do work.


Aargh, Rose! :slight_smile:

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This would be an excellent trigger suggestion for the shortcuts team.


I do indeed have a pushcut automation server running at all times (should have mentioned this).

Thank you so much for your suggestions!

According to your input I created a shortcut which is triggered by a personal automation at midnight every day.

I got this to work initially, but iOS 15 seems to have broken a lot of my shortcuts including this one. Am I the only one?

I would post a screenshot here, so people might point out any obvious mistakes, but it’s not that complicated :man_shrugging:

Now every time this shortcut runs I get this.

I already submitted it but the more the merrier.