Trigger App Actions With MacroDroid


I am getting into automation, thank you Automators for turning me on to this, so I am working simpler tools starting out.

So currently I am trying MacroDroid, but I don’t see how to trigger actions inside other apps with it. I was trying, as a test macro, to set it up so that if I connect to a specific Bluetooth device it will start a Toggl timer.

I don’t mind using webhooks, APIs, or scripts to do this but I haven’t worked with much except some basic scripts in the past.

Any ideas on how MacroDroid and trigger actions in other apps?


I have not used MacroDroid (I use Tasker myself) but usually that requires the app in question to be setup to work with Tasker/MacroDroid/etc. As far as I can tell looking at Toggl (an app I haven’t used in a while), it is not setup in this way. I know that a lot of plugins work with both Tasker and MacroDroid and the one thing that might work would be something like AutoInput which will simulate screen taps. So it would go something like BT connected - launch Toggl - tap timer to start. This would require the timer to be in the same location on the screen every time but it should work I think…


I have started looking at Tasker today and AutoInput is something I haven’t heard about yet. Thank you for the suggestion!

I will give it a shot and come back later!


I have no idea if MacroDroid can do this but you could connect to the API too and trigger a timer that way.


Tasker and AutoInput are made by the same developer, in fact there are a whole suite of AutoApps that are awesome. I would go over to the r/Tasker subreddit as they are very helpful over there (and WAY more knowledgeable than me). Good luck!