Treating a name as a variable in word

I have a very frustrating problem with Word - I need to fill out a word document and insert standard variables such as a persons name, address and so on and this information gets duplicated throughout the document. What I would like to do is to be able to add the name in one place in the document and for other fields/places in the document with the same information- I really dont want to have to use find and replace if possible. The machine I am using is “locked down” so I can’t installl software to acheive this such as Text Expander etc.I do have access to a windows and IOS machines if this can only be done on those platforms.
In an ideal world the (6 or so)other word docs I need to work on for this workflow would also open
And populate that information across those documents as well.
Thanks for any suggestions.

You should be able to use document properties. I use this all the time at work, and whilst my work day is spent on a PC, the office apps I believe are pretty consistent across desktop platforms.

This walk through should set you on a reasonable path.

If you change the field select all and refresh to update all of the fields, that should pick up the changes, but headers and footers might need you to jump in and select all & refresh them too if you happen to use any such fields there.

On Windows I created a macro which refreshes all fields in the document body and the header footer (via use of a print preview prep if I recall correctly) and added this to my normal document template to make it available everywhere … but it uses VBA so I don’t think that would work on the Mac … but it could probably be reproduced if Mac Word has enough AppleScript support for example, or you have access to Keyboard Maestro.

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Thanks for the reply-it’s exactly what I needed! Much appreciated as 3 days worth of Googling had produced no sensible results.
Thanks again-this will save me hours upon hours of needless repititon.