Travel Checklist in iOS 13 Reminders

Hello, I’ve perused the forum for some ideas on how to accomplish crating a shortcut that creates a travel checklist. I have created the list in Notes and categorized items as “warm weather:”, “cold weather:”, “rain:” etc.

What are some of the best ways to approach checking the weather in the desired location and then grabbing the right blocks of text in the note? Also, in iOS 13 tasks can be indented so I wonder if Shortcuts supports grabbing text and indenting appropriately? An example below:

Important items:
Credit Cards
Travel items:
Spare glasses
Travel pillow
Eye mask
Ear plugs
Dopp kit

Thanks! It was Rose and David of course who mentioned exactly this months ago on the pod, but now I have a trip to Vietnam coming up and would love to give it a go!


David and I were literally talking about packing list automation before we recorded the episode that comes out next! Unfortunately the API for nested reminders isn’t available (at all, not in Shortcuts, nor to “regular” developers") so the closest you’ll get with any existing automation is to create a reminder for your group and a note with all the items inside of it, not ideal.

These are the two episodes which are most useful (though you mentioned you’ve already listened to them, it may be of use for others finding this post!):

For me packing lists are a never ending problem. I did have them in OmniFocus but then on the day when I would pack I have everything I would pack show up in the Forecast on that day. So I have “Pack socks” right next to “Send invoice” - and the important stuff gets drowned out. So I’m currently experimenting with Bear, Trello, Drafts, Reminders, and Things (experimenting with one at a time is too sensible, this way it’s much more likely I’ll forget something crucial on an upcoming trip! :laughing:).


Thank you so much RosemaryOrchard! Indeed #5 is the ep I was referring to. I’m going to give it a re-listen and adjust my shortcut around the limitation as it stands and submit feedback to the shortcuts team.


It’s not automated, but if you like making and using lists, you really need to check out AnyList. You can share or edit a list with others using iOS or Android. Apple Watch integration. I’ve used it for nearly two years.