Transcribe video/audio file link to text via watch folder or other quick method?

I want be able to transcribe any video or audio file I drop into a Mac OS Finder folder and have it automatically uploaded to for transcription without any extra steps.

Maybe I need to have Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Box or DropBox to do this? Maybe Hazel? Would love some guidance. Thanks!

Does offer some sort of sync or auto upload via a Mac app for a folder?

If not, I eventually found a reference to the official API, but it is for Enterprise package use. Any chance that’s the pricing package you are on? There is also an unofficial npm package for integration too that might give you an alternative if you aren’t on the Enterprise tier.

You should in theory be able to build something to upload the files from a watched folder. But you might potentially need to build a node-based solution (JavaScript).

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No, I’m not using Enterprise tier. :frowning:

I’ll look into that unofficial nmp package and see about javascripting a watch folder. Good ideas.

Thanks again, @sylumer !