Tracking time spend within apps with timery and toggl

I am a automators listener, and played over the last year with timery for timetracking.
I"ve tried to build some shortcuts and I was succesfull, however I would like to take both my shortcut developjment skills and my time tracking to a higher level.
In automators episode 59 Rosemary mensioned, how to track time spend in spesific apps with the open app command and the start of a timer and the closing of an app and the stopping of a timer.
This grapped my attention, I would love to know how much time I spend reading, for example and I would love to know how much time i’ve waisted on the sosial media.
Could someone describe how to build such shortcuts? I am blind and can’t use a screenshot, but a few lines of text would be of great help.
Would love to get further with this.

Thanks in advance.

In the Shortcuts app, there is a section called Automations.

When you select the plus symbol to add an automation, select personal automation.

From the list of automation triggers, choose App.

For the app, as well as choosing which app, you can also trigger what about the app activity is the trigger. Is opened, or is closed.

That is what you then link your desired shortcut to in the subsequent step.

Good practice for backup and reuse is to use a Run Shortcut action in your automation to run a Shortcut in your My Shortcuts area.

Hopefully, that will get you on the right track. Point the open app automations to the relevant start timer shortcut and the close app automations to the stop.