Toggl or Harvest Project time pushed to Items/Columns

I am trying to transition my project management system to (currently it is an unholy mashup of Harvest, Harvest Forecast, Basecamp & NiftyQuoter).

I’m trying to figure out how to push-sync a total time value for a project as recorded in Harvest or Toggl to the corresponding Item/Column in Basically, each Item in is a client project and I would like the total recorded time from the corresponding project in Harvest or Toggl to populate one column. This will allow me to keep tabs on how projected time is tracking with actual time spent in, while allowing me to go deep with tagging time entries in the native Harvest/Toggle apps for client reporting purposes, which aren’t important for my board.

I would prefer to use a 3rd party time tracking app because a decent % of my work is hourly billing and’s built in time tracking column just isn’t robust enough. I need to tag billable time entries with notes and job/task numbers & client names to submit my time in the way my clients expect to see it. The 3rd party time tracking software gives me the needed granularity.

Basically, I want to push (one-way sync?) each bottom line time value from Harvest/Toggl to a corresponding column per-project.