Todoist subtasks created automatically

Hi All,

In Todoist, I’d like to run a shortcut to create 1 main task with severa sub-tasks.

I’ve created a shortcut for it which reads a txt file and creates tasks… only problem is that all each line from the file is created as “main task”

Would anyone know how to do this in iOS (ie create 1 tasks with multiple subtasks)? Could be via shortcut, drafts or any other idea…it just needs to be triggered and run automatically


As far as I know that isn’t possible.

I have a similar problem and though I am kind of new to it but I had already had the idea to try to fix this using their API. So first create a task and retrieve the ID of this task and then use that ID as the parent_ID of subsequent task. I’ll let you know how it turns out

You could also try to use the Todoist API to make an import from a csv-file. In the CSV-file you can make subtasks very easily.

Here is an example:
I just found out that I don’t use data jar to get my apitoken for Todoist in this one…i guess I have this one for a very long time already. :wink:

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This is definitely the way to go. Using APIs are the most accessible way to customize things like this.

Awesome! That’s a much easier solution than mine :wink: