Today's Photos To Day One

I’ve been working on a shortcut that would allow me to search my photos for photos taken ‘today’ then post those photos to Day One. I can do the search for my photos fine, but it won’t pull them into Day One - I get IMG_NUMBER instead.

When I just try to get it to post one image it works fine, but not multiple.

I asked the developer and didn’t get a clear answer, other than they said that more can be done with Shortcuts.

I’m still figuring out what can be done with Shortcuts, so it may not be possible, but I’m hopeful.

Any ideas?

Could you share your shortcut? If you tap the share icon you can copy an iCloud link :slight_smile:

Sure thing!

In my case it’s asking me to choose an image to send to Day One. The Day One action is only able to accept one image so if you want more than one he’ll need to get the images inside of Day One itself.

I did write an article on how to make an image grid for Day One.

This could be a better option for me. I could always add single photos to the entry once I’m in the journal.

Thank you!