Timing a shortcut every night

I’m trying to setup an automation to run every night at 1 am. (Specifically open DEVONthink so it can sync)
It’s a simple « open app… » action with a « time of day » trigger.
It NEVER works: in the morning I get a pop up saying « tap here to run » - which does work but défets the purpose.
1- ask before running is CHECKED OFF
2- I’ve tried adding « dismiss Siri and continue »

I have read in a few places that « time of day » triggers never run automatically … which seems bonkers to me (and should be better documented if true)

How do other Automators deal with running their « maintenance » routines in the background?

Time of day triggers do work automatically, although opening apps via Shortcuts requires your device to be unlocked. I assume at 1am this will not be the case.

I’m not a DevonThink user so I don’t know how the sync works. Perhaps you could run the automation at an earlier time when your device is unlocked (for example, before you go to bed)

Yeah, having to be unlocked to launch an app is a very annoying restriction.