Timesheet calculator

I have made myself a calculator that will add up hours on a timesheet. It is limited in a couple of ways. It needs to use the 24h format (but I actually like that part) and I am just using 4 digit numbers rather than time values (can you use time values in shortcuts?). I always bill to the 1/2 hour where my real problem lies. If I enter 1330 for 1:30pm it won’t calculate the hours properly so instead my workaround for now is to enter 1350. I would be happy if there was a way to round this up in the shortcut. The Round number command does not appear to round to the nearest 50. Find and replace almost works excep of course when I enter 1300. Maybe a regular expression to find the last two digits but I am way out of my depth at this point. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Can you share your solution so far? Shortcuts has an action to calculate time between dates, and it can round up too.


I use a dictionary for input and then calculate using the input. The date action may be better though. Thanks

Why is there no date/time option for dictionaries? You can get a date from ask for input but the dictionary is ideal for how I want to input times.

Dictionaries are plain text behind the scenes anyway, so it doesn’t really make all that much difference in the end as far as I can tell. I think the data types (with the exception of dictionary itself) are just a convenience factor. But maybe they’ll add date/time in the future?

You could still ask for input as a date/time and then set a new key in the dictionary to the value of that. It would still be valid.