Timed lights- can Pushcut help?

Hi all- I want to design an automation that turns off lights after a specified period of time. Background: my kids constantly leave the light on in the bathroom (I know, they’re kids!). I have an iDevices light switch, and a motion sensor. I tried to set up an automation which would be triggered by the lights turning on. Then, it would wait 20 minutes, check to see if there was still motion (I don’t want to turn the lights off if someone is still in there), and if Motion=None, then turn off the lights. Problem is, the ‘wait’ instruction cannot wait for 20 minutes (by design). Any thoughts on this? Can Pushcut get me over this hurdle? Thanks for any suggestions.

You can do this with Pushcut. You can schedule an automation on your Pushcut server to run at a specific time (e.g. in 20 minutes).

That said, I’d use a scene to work around this. Have the light turning on turn on a scene that turns on the light - but you can set the scene to turn off after 20 minutes, which turns off your light.

Now why didn’t I think of that? :wink:

Thank you. So far, working well. The trick is trying to find the right time to turn off. If the lights go off while my kids are still in there, I’ll definitely hear about it!

You could always add a noise sensor that turns them back on :joy::joy:

are (homekit) noise sensors a thing?

I see you have yet to hear the good news about Home Devices!

I’m not sure there are HomeKit sensors which specifically listen for noise, but noise sensors do exist (and cameras as well as security sensors often use them as part of their triggers).

Sadly the app doesn’t specifically list noise sensors - it’s possible that HomeKit doesn’t explicitly support it. But a motion sensor might well include that.

thanks Rose, that‘s a cool app tip