Timed Automations A Game Changer In IOS 14

After updating to iOS 14 and trying out the timed automations that no longer require you to tap a notification but instead just run even if the screen is locked, makes Shortcuts truly magical. Send messages, set alarms, even back up your Shortcuts all work without any interactions from me. It’s what I’ve always hoped Shortcuts would be. And so far (:crossed_fingers:) none of my timed automations have failed. I’m hopeful location based Automations will get the same treatment soon.


Is it also possible to run a shortcut every hour?

(To update a chart in Charty)

You could create a separate automation in Shortcuts for every hour – there is not currently an interval available.

The other way is to use Pushcut’s Automation Server (requires a subscription and a spare, always on/unlocked device with the server running in the foreground), which you can configure for any interval.

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I was afraid of that. Thanks!

A thought just occurred to me… I wonder if an Apple Silicon Mac will be able to run Pushcut’s Automation Server as a background utility, meaning that you would no longer need a dedicated iOS device?


Sounds an interesting thought/possibility!

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who knows… ; )

It all comes down to Shortcuts: Will Apple port Shortcuts to run on Macs? I have no idea, I can see it go either way.

Will be interesting though…


Tried running a Pythonista Script using a timed automation. No dice.
Also, can’t seem to open a URL using Safari as part of a timed automation.

I have disabled the confirmation request, but still get an informational notification about the automation when the trigger fires.

(How) Can I prevent this notification as well?