Time-shift emailing myself a photo

I want to use a Shortcut or Siri if possible, to email myself a photo at some time in the future.

I’m thinking it’d be great to be able to use my voice to run a shortcut to quickly snap a photo and have it show up in my inbox this evening, tomorrow morning, or next Monday. Since I have Sanebox, I was thinking to use the shortcut to use Sanebox Reminders emails (7pm@sanebox.com, 9am@sanebox.com, monday@sanebox.com).

I’ve done some scripting to create Drafts Actions with JavaScript — would my best bet to try my hand at using Scriptable or is there an easier way?

Well, I figured this one out within Shortcuts. Turned out to be simpler than I thought.

Here it is in case it is useful · NOTE: it does depend on a Sanebox subscription

When you trigger this Shortcut, it will let you snap a photo, then ask you to speak when you want it to land in your inbox: tonight (7pm), tomorrow (8am), next Monday, or in one week, then send the photo to a hardcoded Sanebox reminder email.


It’s not very forgiving because if you mess up or Dictate doesn’t understand your spoken response, it will fail, so I’m open to suggestions for how to improve it.

I believe that the Choose From Menu action works with Siri, so you could replace the Speak and Dictate actions with just a Choose From Menu to improve the reliability.

That’s what I’d suggest too, except make it a list with a choose from list action - because then you can use the resulting text from the chosen item as part of the input for the email address (a menu contains actions which means you’d need to put the email address in each option). Or, if you want to give yourself different names to the text, a dictionary is perfect.

Ha, so much better and cleaner now —

The one that works best is “Choose from List”

I created a dictionary, too (still new to all the Shortcuts lingo compared to conventional programming)

Thank you so much for the tips! Shortcuts

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