Time-release Google Chat via script or Drafts on MacOS

I use Drafts for all sorts of things and I use Google Chat for business communications with my team. I often work off-hours and want to send a Google Chat to a coworker that would arrive during their office hours, so as not to disturb them if I’m working late or weekends.

I would love to use Drafts to compose message and then run an action that would maybe bring up a dialogue window where I could set the time and date to send draft, as well as the recipient(s).

Can Drafts do this? An Apple Script? A combination of both?

I would appreciate some guidance or just a bump in the right direction. :slight_smile:

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Maybe try one of the web services with Google Chat integration? I think Zapier has such an integration.

Then have maybe something on the Mac that queues up a curl request with your scheduler of choice that calls a web service webhook.

You could use the shell script capabilities of Drafts to prime this.