Three months in with Home Assistant Yellow

So I’m now starting my fourth month with a Home Assistant Yellow, and I have to say I’m more and more impressed all the time with the Yellow, and in Nabu Casa and Home Assistant itself. The more I learn the more I see why this has become the second-largest open source project on the planet. There are so many things that it can do, but it takes a lot of effort to learn what’s going on. And I’m just scratching the surface.

I’m playing with the Developer tools (built in) and it’s so well executed. You can see what’s happening with all your devices, what’s working, what isn’t. it’s really easy to debug what problems there are. I had no idea this was such a great Home Server. I’m pretty much moving all my automations out of HomeKit and into Home Assistant. There’s a long way to go before I can call myself more than a noob. But there’s no way I’m going back.


Agreed! I’m three months in right now and I’m shocked by how much more “deep” HA is compared to other ways I’ve controlled my mostly-Insteon system over the years. It even discovered dozens of additional devices and services I didn’t even realize could be controlled.