Three is a party: Stream Deck, Shortcuts, Keyboard Maestro

As a full time automation developer for my day job, I decided to utilize some of those skills to automate parts of my personal life. An automators episode about Keyboard Maestro turning ten caught my ears so I decided to dive right in. Here is my first few automations. I apologize if someone has already showcased this but I thought I would share in case they hadn’t (I was too lazy to search the forum first, insert shame here).
Automation 1: Upcoming work calendar events
The PC has a Stream Deck plugin which can show your upcoming and current meetings but its works mayb 15% of the time for me. Now that I’m trying to work off my MAC more, I decided to create my own version using these three tools. Shortcuts does the heavy calendar lifting by getting my upcoming events and provides the start/end dates to KM. KM runs this shortcut every minute and updates the Stream Deck title as well as changes the background color, depending on how close to the meeting I am. Under 5 minutes gets flashing red background :slight_smile: .

Automation 2: Get flagged (Today) tasks from Omnifocus
Again shortcuts does the heavy lifting by parsing Omnifocus for flagged tasks and passes the count to KM. KM runs this shortcut on login and every hour and updates the text on a Stream Deck button.

Automation 3: Get due and overdue tasks from Omnifocus
Very similar to the above, but only gets due and overdue. This Stream Deck button sits just to the right of the Today tasks button.

These three applications coupled together make for quite the powerhouse for personal automations.

Lastly, I have been listening to automators for quite a few months now, but just got around to joining the forum. I look forward to connecting with like minded automators!