There's a new Stream Deck in Town!

The Verge:

This version brings a host of welcome improvements, including a detachable stand, interchangeable faceplates, and a removable USB-C cable.

Personally I won’t be upgrading from my big one, it already has an interchangeable USB C cable, but I can see it being a good improvement for anyone who was interested in one before!



The detachable cable would be great. That’s the one thing I worry about with mine. The fact it is USB C yields little value right now. USB C ports are more limited than A if you have multiple peripherals as very few items chain and the same for hubs. Yes you can switch C to A with a single cable, but they are more expensive and all USB C cables appear to have more significant length constraints.

The stand doesn’t look like it is as adjustable as the old one, so that’s a negative. But, I guess you could create your own adjustable stand.

The face plates don’t interest me, but I’m sure you could get a decal created and put on a 3D printed face plate for the v1 if that was something you wanted.

The new software has been out for a while and works perfectly well with the v1 deck.

Overall I see no driver to upgrade. This is a release just to freshen the product line, not advance it.


I’m wondering about price.

My current 15 with a kick stand is cumbersome to place face down. (I end up placing both it and the 6 face down when I sleep my Mac at night.)

I see it the same way. If you were going to buy one before, absolutely the updated model is better purely because you can swap the cable out (the 32 button I have came with USB C to USB A, and that’s how I’m using it!). But I feel zero urge to upgrade, the magic is all in the software anyway.

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Yes, the good news is that the one that I bought ~31 days ago is functionally equivalent, it’s just the cable that’s different.

The stand on the old one is pretty lousy, IMO, but I’m not sure the new one is any better, and it’s definitely not worth upgrading over.


What do you find “lousy” about the stand? For me, it is good because it is lightweight (I do travel with my Strramdeck), and the angle is adjustable.

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Compared to the XL, the stand seems very flimsy. I like the idea of it being adjustable, but in reality it seems like all of the options are pretty much the same.

However, it is definitely better for travel.


The stand collapses on me when I take the StreamDeck off it. The “travel” use case makes that a positive thing. The “turn it face down at night” use case makes it a negative one.

Yeah, I’m not sure what the whole turn it face down on the desk thing is for. Admittedly, most nights, my Streamdeck is plugged into my work PC, but on that there’s no reason to need to put it face down for any reason ever. If it is a lit up thing, on my PC, I get my personal screensaver up for a bit, then it goes blank and does not appear to give off any light, or allow anyone any sort of access to my computer.

Why do you need to turn it face down? Does it not sleep with your Mac? Are you not sleeping your Mac? If not, maybe you could have Keyboard Maestro switch your profile when you lock the screen or something. With no context, it seems odd to me to have to physically adjust the Streamdeck orientation over night.

I turn it face down because the “put the MacBook Pro to sleep overnight” thing is not proving reliable enough not to.

Has anybody had any problem with the Stream Deck on Monterey PB? Ever since I installed it, my SD is not being seen. I’ve still got it in the iPhone app, but the SD buttons are all blank.

I haven’t tried it on Monterey¹ but the Stream Deck installer for Mac is awful and stupid and bad.

Try this:

  • Launch Activity Monitor

  • be sure it is set to show all processes, not just yours:

  • search for ‘stream deck’ in Activity Monitor

  • check the ‘User’ column and make sure that it is running as your user (not ‘root’)

¹ IIRC, Stream Deck was one of the last apps to support Big Sur and M1 Macs, so I would not expect them to be fast to add Monterey support either.

Just to clarify, the Mac app works fine. As I said, the iPhone app works fine and reflects the changes I make in the Mac app. The problem is that the SD does not respond when I plug in the SD to the USB port. I just installed PB 3, but can’t check it until I get home (I’m at the office and the SD is at home).

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What about a purple face plate? :)) would this change your mind?


I have a 3D printer, I can print my own face plate!


Follow Up: Turned out to be a bad unit. Elgato was great with their support, even to paying shipping both ways from Thailand. :+1:

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