There is a comand in siri Shortcuts “Wait to retur

There is a comand in siri Shortcuts
“Wait to return ”
But it stay active for about 4 minutes
I need to extand the time out of this comand to 15 minutes
Or even for ever until i close the shortcut app from my background apps in the ipad

It’s only really supposed to be used for quick round trips to other apps. I think you are trying to use it for a purpose for which it is not intended. Consider splitting your shortcut into two and then triggering the second after you have finished your out of Shortcut app activities.

My friend
Can you think on some kind of trikes
To extend this command
“Wait to return”
I need it for more than quick round trips

Set above on reference to splitting the Shortcut into two.

What exactly is your shortcut doing for 4 minutes?

You may want to take a look at my Cronios shortcut scheduler for iOS. You can define custom schedules for your shortcuts and have them run automatically in the background.

If your shortcut is actively running for 4-15 minutes at a time, you may encounter timeout errors or have iOS suspend/terminate your shortcut. If you can break up the function into discrete actions that don’t take a long time, using something like Cronios may work for you.


Whaaaaaaaa? Why did no one tell me about this?!

Also, major props on the name. You get mega geek points for that one!

Thanks! Been trying to get the word out of Cronios. Hopefully with WatchCuts and my next shortcut the momentum will be there to get more visibility from the iOS and automation community.

I understand why, but not being able to run any other shortcuts while cronios is active is unfortunate…