The wish of a very noob

Can you please make a “rss” news reader for me like “MacStories in a widget.”

this rss link;

this “MacStories in a widget.”

But please don’t use xml to json converter, use xmlparser.

Why does it matter how the XML is handled?

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Because image dont get when convert xml to json. And I need pictures of the news.I think of making different widgets if I can.

Merhaba, there might be a misunderstanding. The code in this script is not an “RSS Reader” that is actually displaying the latest posts to a feed. It just uses the RSS feed to grab the first item and display it. There’s even code in it to handle images, but it is never called as far as I can see.

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it was actually a similar code news image making the widget background but I couldnt find it. I know it’s displaying the first item, but that can change, is not it?

Yes, one can change a lot of things :wink: it just takes time. In any case, the display of the image has nothing to do with XML or JSON. I’ll give it try, but I’ll certainly not parse XML. Not even if someone paid me for it.

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Do not try if it is very difficult and tiring. No need to strain and tire for arbitrary things

I’m afraid but it seems that CNN Türk provides RSS only as XML. Scriptable contains an event driven XML parser, but as I said before: that way lies madness (at least for me). Maybe somebody else feels inclined to jump in. Or you can find a JSON version of their feed? My Turkish is too bad to be able to search around their site.

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json version does not exist. Well we are not likely to just get “only” pictures of the news? eg picture of the first news?

I was fiddling around a bit and ran into interesting problems with Scriptable. In any case, it is probably not a good idea to fetch images indiscriminately from the web – they might be huge, which in turn could become a difficulty for the widget (too much memory consumption)

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then thank you for your interest. :slightly_smiling_face:

Rica ederim – I can at least say that :wink:

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