The shortcut returns only the last value. Dictionaries inquiry

Hello, I need some guidance on how to use Shortcut as I’m pretty new to automation.

I managed to create a shortcut that allows me to get a .csv file from Dropbox and get values from its rows.

The .csv file contains the list of all the items in my shop with their respective codes and supplier information.

I’d like to use the shortcut to help me ordering items from the suppliers:
Once I prompt the shortcut with a series of items’ codes, I need it to return a list with the items’ description and the items should be divided by supplier.

So far, using some guides online, I was able to build pretty much the whole thing, but I noticed that even if the shortcut seems to works fine, for each supplier it returns only the description of the last item prompted.

I guess the issue is that for the way I build it the shortcut is not able to store information but it overrides everything each time with the last value received.

I can share the shortcut I built if needed.

Thanks in advance for your help!

There is no way to tell how your shortcut works and so it is impossible to debug.bAs well as sharing the Shortcut, which you noted you could, please also share:

  • A small set of data that can be used to illustrate the issue.
  • Steps for an example that suffers from the issue, and what your desired result would be.