The Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking

I was catching up on some reading yesterday and came across something called the Ubiquitous Linking Manifesto, and I figured it would probably be of interest to people interested in automation. It is a manifesto to raise awareness of the benefits of making information and other related digital elements linkable, and to encourage developers to take account of this when building their apps and services.

As you might imagine, there are many automation opportunities around linking things together.

If you are interested in supporting the manifesto, you can register as a signatory on the web site. I did it earlier today :nerd_face:

Automators podcast listeners may also spot a few familiar host/guest names on the originator list - @MacSparky, @LucCogZest , Brett Terpstra, @kjaymiller and @timstringer; as well as some recognisable names who have not as yet guested on the podcast, but have been referenced or are familiar from other channels.


My biggest challenges are the Facebook app on iOS and the fact I can’t force Twitter to open a specific account from a link.

I wish the internet archive would let me easily save a copy of the links I saved there on my local storage.