The Future of Alex Hay’s Apps (Toolbox Pro, Nautomate, and Logger for Shortcuts)

As many of you will know, Alex Hay tragically passed away back in March and since then the future of his apps had been in limbo. We’re really excited to be able to announce that Snailed It have come to an agreement with Alex’s family, and have officially taken over development and support of Toolbox Pro, Nautomate and Logger for Shortcuts!

It’s been a painful process gaining access to all the accounts, but we think we’re mostly there. We would however appreciate your patience as we continue to get everything we need, and are able to review the code base, but updates to restore full functionality will be coming in the next few weeks, before we start continuing down the path Alex had started. (There is a complete v2 rewrite for Toolbox Pro that we’d love to see released!)

For those of you who don’t know us, I formed Snailed It with a couple of friends back in September 2021. We first released a small utility called FocusCuts, before being approached by Simon Leeb asking us to run the day to day operations of Pushcut.

We’re truly honoured to have been entrusted by Alex’s family with his legacy. Toolbox Pro especially was an incredibly well-loved app, and we’re going to continue to develop it, as well as Nautomate and Logger for Shortcuts, in the way Alex would have wanted.

The full announcement post is available here.


I am sure you will make great custodians, and it is so good to hear Alex’s efforts will not fall out of use - his app legacy will live on along with his film work.


This is great to hear. Not just for the fact we can continue enjoying these truly great apps but also that Alex’s legacy can live on.

Can’t wait to see where these apps go next.


This is fantastic news. Alex would have been very pleased to know his apps will be in the hands of very talented folks who share the same spirit as Alex did.

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Commendations to everyone involved with the effort and arrangements to ensure the continued support for Alex’s incredible contributions.

To Alex’s family: hope in some small way you are pleased to know of the Shortcuts community’s enduring respect and admiration for Alex Hay.

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