The best Android automation you haven't heard of

I keep retyping this and it’s always too long, so just the facts, ma’am.

Automagic for Android. It uses a flowchart interface that’s very intuitive. It was around before Automate and (as of my last look at both) is more powerful and also simpler. It’s 99% (easily) as powerful as Tasker, but you don’t need to buy all the extra plugins for the same functionality.

No, you can’t compile your scripts. No, it won’t make flashy GUIs (though you can make some fairly detailed widgets). Yes it will use Tasker plugins as well (though you don’t need them).

Automagic is the absolute best trade-off in power vs. ease-of-use. And you’re not trading off much power at all, but reaping huge rewards in usability.

Edit: Hours after making the post, I discovered an unfortunate fact. Automagic is now free…because it’s no longer in development, as of January. Still works great and got a recent update, but no telling how many Android updates will let it keep working. You can pick up your free copy at