Thanks! add a task in an existing omnifocus project from drafts

I have a case where I’m getting a dump of tasks, and I want to sort them on the fly, on my iphone, into the proper projects, with a minimum of taps. I know in advance a particular subset of my projects these tasks will fall in. say I have these projects: math, computer science, chemistry, english. I wanted to be able to just type the text of the task, then tap on a project for it to go in. I was thinking either in shortcuts or in drafts at first.

The way I did it:

  1. copy Rose’s “Taskpaper to OF” drafts action from the excellent Drafts 5 “OF Taskpaper” group.
  2. cut down the javascript to remove all the prompts, and hard-code the target project as “math”.
  3. duplicated the action three more times, for each of “computer science”, “chemistry”, and “english”. (I kept in the call to encodeURI on the string, to handle the spaces in the project names)

so now I type the text of a task in drafts, and just tap on the action for the class (project) it should go in!

I just wanted to say thank you to Rosemary Orchard!

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