TextExpander Markdown Table Generator

Found myself needing to generate some markdown tables and couldn’t remember the syntax. Put together this javascript script to do it in textexpander so it should work cross platform. I’ll test it on a windows machine on Monday at work.

The script asks for how many columns and body rows you would like, and outputs accordingly. Also moves the cursor to the first header to begin typing in content.

Create a new snippet, set content to javascript, paste in the script from TextExpander Javascript Markdown Table Generator · GitHub.

Hope this helps!
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Sounds great. As a footnote, one of the tricks my mdpre open source project does is to turn CSV into Markdown tables (mainly for use with the companion md2pptx project to turn them into PowerPoint slides.

(My projects are available here: https://github.com/MartinPacker)

I mention this in case your table source isn’t something you’d want to type in but rather import in CSV format.

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