Textexpander crashing in IOS 12 Beta

On the latest IOS12 beta my Textexpander app keeps bombing out to springboard if I try to modify any snippets, anyone else having this issue?


Yeah I’ve noticed this as well. Hopefully it gets fixed shortly

Have you tried deleting the app then redownloading it. This action has worked for me with other apps on the different betas I have used.

Can’t imagine that Smile wouldn’t be aware of it, but if you are having an issue in iOS12 it would be worth dropping them a support note.

If it is an OS issue, it’ll hopefully get resolved in the Apple beta updates. Anything else and it may be pushed out to inclusion in updates for the official release or in any beta of the TextExpander app.

I also get the same issue and have reported it for my device and beta version.

Don’t install Betas expecting things to work.

Even if Smile has a fix, they can’t send it out until iOS 12 is officially released.