Text Expander or Keyboard Maestro?

My wife is managing a volunteer organization and basically, she sends out information for each event. This might include venue, time to report and a couple of other variables. I believe one of the two above apps will actually give you the option of prompting for that data so she could initiate the “macro” and it would ask a couple questions and then insert the text. Which one is the better choice?

Either would do the job by the sounds of it.

Keyboard Maestro has many more features and is fixed price, but it can take people longer to get the hang of.

TextExpander is much more limited in scope, but as a result much simpler and has the benefit of being cross platform. However it is subscription based.

If the pricing is a key factor, I’d suggest doing the calculations for cost over time based on keeping both pieces of software up to date.

is she using MS Office on the mac?
If yes, she could simply use mass mailing feature of word <-> Excel & outlook.
I’m managing a volunteer organization, too and it was not possible to get rid of all the MS Offcie stuff because there were too many people with Windows systems involved.
As far as I know there is now other good solution for mass mailings in Apples iWork, I tried it but it was too messy to setup and not really reusable from someone else.
Another benefit would be, that your wife just would need to write one template and e.g. can send individual mails (not in bcc) to every participant with a personal greeting or other individual data based on an excel sheet.

I would recommend TextExpander if there’s any chance of her wanting to share snippets with others, or having to use them on different platforms. It works on macOS, iOS, Windows and Android, so the entire organization could benefit. Keyboard Maestro, however great it is, is limited to macOS.

Wishful thinking I’m afraid. TextExpander isn’t available on Android.

Available platforms and requirements are available on the TextExpander downloads page.

Thank you for the feedback thus far. She is not doing volume at this point. Office would not be necessary. Generally she is just sending out emails multiple times a week to whomever is working an event. It might be 10 people. However, there is text in the email that she is currently copying from a word document and pasting in to her email. Then she adds the unique details of the event. My thought is that if she is typing this same data all the time, maybe she could save a bit of time and improve accuracy by using one of the apps. I’m actually impressed that she thought to copy and paste out of the word document instead of typing each email so she is getting better! Anyway, I will look further at keyboard maestro since I’m sure she would complain about the subscription model of text expander and it is only her sending these emails.

Oh yeah, Ingot it confused with 1P :slight_smile:

Ah well, 3 out of 4 isn’t bad
Don’t know if the chrome version would work on android though?

Just so you know, Typinator is another text expansion utility and doesn’t have a subscription model either. I’ve gone with either Typinator or text expander for a while untile Text expander went with subscription and now I’m only using Typinator (and Keyboard Maestro for other stuff).

There is also aText which is Mac only (no iOS) but effectively the same as TextExpander as far as expansion on a local computer (no sharing features, etc).

And it’s $5.

If you already have either Keyboard Maestro or TextExpander, I’d definitely recommend using one of those. If you’re just looking to get started and aren’t sure how much you’ll use it, aText has a 21-day free demo before you even have to pay the $5. (Remember software demos? Wasn’t that a nice thing?)