Testing Tap To Pay Automation on iOS 17

I am really excited about this automation trigger coming in iOS 17 so that I can export some transactions to my budget app. That said, I’ve been on the public beta since launch and I keep getting a non-descript “automation failed” every time it tries to run. Has anyone had luck with this?

Please remember that as part of the public beta, you should be filing feedback every time you encounter an issue, even if you seem to be the only person experiencing it. Then if you follow up post here, you can includ the reference ID for anyone else who comes across the same issue.


Valid point - providing the ID for others: FB12968526

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Quick follow-up that in recent beta updates this has started to work for me - some of the time at least. I’m still usually getting the error message even though the shortcut seems to work.

If you are curious how I’m using this automation to link YNAB (my budget app) and Apple Card you can see the details here: Reddit - Dive into anything

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At the risk of asking a daft question, how did you get Shortcuts to give you the Payee, Merchant, and Name fields?

I can only find Shortcut Input as a variable to use after the automation triggers (note: I haven’t actually tried paying for anything yet, so that might be the source of the problem).

If you tap on the Shortcut Input field you will be presented with a list of the data available to use for your action:

As a general rule, any text in blue in a Shortcut can be tapped for options.

Hope this helps.


That’s excellent - many thanks! Sometimes these things are less obvious to me than the designers appear to believe, so this sort of tip is invaluable.

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