TestFlight Beta Builds Split for iOS 13 and 14

Released new betas (16 and 17) of MFC Deck for both iOS 13 and 14.

IMPORTANT: Since people were having problems distinguishing the two betas, I have split them into two TestFlight programs:

iOS 14 TestFlight
Use this link for the iOS 14 TestFlight builds: https://testflight.apple.com/join/Qusn9Bkt

iOS 13 TestFlight
Use this link for the iOS 13 TestFlight builds: https://testflight.apple.com/join/I9l70Oly

Changes from the previous beta builds 14/15 include:


  • iOS 14 only: Links now work in widgets. Keep in mind that small widgets only support one tappable link.
  • iOS 14 only: Specify a custom widget URL for a card. When tapping on a widget from the iOS 14 Home screen, the widget URL will run instead of opening up MFC Deck and running the card’s action (default)
  • Decks can specify the corner radius of cards from None, Small, Medium, or Large.
  • Card Result JSON cascades font size and weight to sub-items.
  • Automatically create a tag when creating a new card.
  • Update Cards menu action added that will run MFC Deck Autocuts on the selected Deck. Use the Allow Automatic Running card preference to enable or disable running of the card action in MFC Deck Autocuts. Currently this is only available on iOS. Coming soon to iPad OS.


  • Moved Edit Deck and Organize Cards menu options to the top of the Deck Options menu.
  • Create Blank Card and Add Existing Tags card options hidden by default. Reveal them in Settings > Advanced.
  • Option added to display borders around card elements. Useful when debugging when working on the design of a card. Long-press on the Action Menu to reveal the Show Borders command.
  • Tapping the + button in the Cards View now opens the New Card screen. If you want to create a quick card, enable the option in Settings > Advanced.
  • Card or Tag Name displayed in blank cards.
  • Removed size labels from Preview Card action.


  • Result and URL input views auto-capitalization disabled
  • Fixed background disappearing from cards after editing the deck
  • Fixed crashing bug with Disable Shortcut Sync setting.
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